ISARA Teething Pads - Gurtschoner - verschiedene Designs

ISARA Teething Pads - Gurtschoner - verschiedene Designs

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ISARA Teething Pads are designed to protect soft structured carrier straps from teething babies and toddlers, sticky or messy snacks, and provide something to occupy an older child while being worn. 

Teething Pads help to greatly reduce wear to your carrier, by allowing you to wash the teething pads, and not the whole carrier. This prolongs the life of your carrier. The Isara Teething Pads are flexible enough that they can also be used to protect straps of a highchair, provide extra padding to stroller straps, and many other straps as necessary.


100% Organic Cotton, double-sided reversible prints, to provide the top in safety for babies and young children.

Velcro fastening system.

Additional padding the in middle section to provide extra padding while being worn with your soft structured carrier.

Length 14cm / 5.5in 
Each ISARA print is available for coordinating with your ISARA carrier. 
Can be used with any carrier with a strap width up to 9cm / 3.5in


Listing price is per pair (includes two teething pad covers, one for each strap).


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