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The NEW ISARA Winter Cover comes with TWO different WEARING STYLES

Sleek, warm and durable, equipped with 2 styles of wearing: Classic and Easy, our New Winter Covers offer extreme comfort and protection in a wide range of weather conditions, suitable for any wraps, slings or soft structured carriers.ISARA Winter Covers combine the latest generation softshell technology, with a cozy fleece lining, to keep your little one dry and snug without adding extra weight. Easily attachable while your sweetheart is already in the carrier, Winter Covers are an essential gear for wintertime family activities.

One-size design, suitable for any parent and caregiver along with any wrap, sling, or soft-structured carriers.

Partially detachable, so that you can protect your little one from overheating, whenever entering a warmer place.

The collar of the cover is high enough to ensure perfect protection and warmth, even without a hood (hood available separately). ISARA Winter Cover introduces the ideal adjustment system that seamlessly connects your carrier according to your baby's size.

The pocket will become every parent’s best friend, allowing you to keep your hands protected and warm while cuddling your baby!

Works as a protective blanket!!! Change diapers with ease on the fluffiest cover,  or keep your child warm and dry during wintertime activities.

ISARA Winter Cover fits perfectly both a baby and a toddler. Designed with the latest generation softshell technology, cuddled by the fluffy inner lining.

Waterproof and wind resistant, ISARA introduces the most versatile winter cover that allows your baby’s body to breathe whilst being safe and warm at the same time!

Waterproofness - 10000 mm/H2O;

Moisture permeability - 3000 g/m2/24h

The NEW Winter Cover offers two innovative WEARING STYLES



This type of gripping is mostly suitable for buckle carriers and front carrying; So, are you a smart casual kind of mommy or daddy? You will love this classic style.







With this chic wearing style aka Apron style, you'll be ready to roll in a flash. Attach the strap to the upper side of the cover, supplied with snap fasteners, just like you’d wear a kitchen apron. Busy parents, impatient babies or running late? This easy to attach apron-style is the one for you.





One-size design, with soft, easy-to-care, premium touches, our warm and welcoming cover will fend off even the coldest winter.  ISARA Winter Cover showcases the perfect harmony between the latest generation softshell technology and extra fluffy inner lining, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Discover the optimal balance between waterproof breathability and comfort with five bright colors, full of personality: Deep Ocean Turquoise, Wild Cherry Melange, Berrylicious Burgundy, Frosted Almond Taupe and Timeless Blue Melange.

Accessorize your winter cover with a showerproof, detachable hood with snap fasteners.

We handpicked premium quality fabrics, from the finest lightweight softshell to the softest fleece lining,  in a variety of vibrant colors.



To prolong the life of your cover, hand wash it at 30 degrees, do not iron, do not bleach and do not tumble dry.







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