Oscha Sekai Königin der Nacht Pre-Order Tragetuch


Oscha Sekai Königin der Nacht Pre-Order Tragetuch

Exklusiv bei Helden-Tragen: die Tücher aus der "We love Oscha" Pre-Order!

Die drei Farbverläufe "Erlkönig", "Loreley" und "Königin der Nacht" in verschiedenen Designs und Blends sind eingetroffen als Tragetuch, Ring-Sling, Cairis, und Nook.

Die Bilder entstanden unter Fotostudio Leuchten, der Rotanteil sticht hier besonders hervor. Bei weniger intensiver Beleuchtung schimmert das Tuch mehr lila als rot.

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Tumble dry warm. Ironing is recommended.

Fabric composition: 51% Organic Combed Cotton, 49% Bourette Silk

Fabric weight: 323 gsm approx.

Your choice of wrap will depend on the type of carries you intend/prefer to use and your size and height.

A size 6 wrap is a good choice for a general use sling, which is suitable for most sizes and carries. If you have very long tails in certain carries just wrap them around your body again and tie off.

If you are buying a wrap to share and are unsure which size to buy, it is generally recommended to buy with the main user in mind. If you are carrying a toddler as opposed to a baby, you may need a slightly longer sling.


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