Oscha Starry Night Erlkönig Cairis Carrier Tragehilfe Pre-Order

Exklusiv bei Helden-Tragen: die Tücher aus der "We love Oscha" Pre-Order!

Die drei Farbverläufe "Erlkönig", "Loreley" und "Königin der Nacht" in verschiedenen Designs und Blends sind eingetroffen als Tragetuch, Ring-Sling, Cairis, und Nook.

Die Bilder entstanden unter Fotostudio Leuchten, der Rotanteil sticht hier besonders hervor. Bei weniger intensiver Beleuchtung schimmert das Tuch mehr lila als rot.

Fabric composition: 51% Organic Combed Cotton, 49% Thick Scottish Wetspun Linen

Fabric weight: 323 gsm approx.

- Suitable from 0-30 months (7-45lbs).
- Includes detachable hood & Cynch accessories for adjusting to your baby's size.
- Body panel (excl. waistband): 16"/41cm wide x 18"/46cm to top of the curved headrest (16"/41cm with headrest folded down).
- Waistband: adjustable from 26"/66cm to 48"/122cm.
- Shoulder straps: 82.5"/210cm

- Suitable from 2-5 years (25-45lbs).
- Includes detachable hood to support sleeping children's heads.
- Body panel (excl. waistband): 18.5"/47cm wide x 19"/48cm to top of the curved headrest (17"/43cm with headrest folded down).
- If the seat is too wide for your little one you can make it smaller using a Cynch (These can be purchased separately here & are not included with the Toddler Cairis)
- Waistband: adjustable from 27"/69cm to 55"/140cm.
- Shoulder straps: 87"/220cm.
Lovingly handcrafted in Scotland, our Cairis baby and toddler carriers are made in small batches from our beautiful wrap fabrics, which are specially woven in the British Isles from the finest quality yarns.

Simple and stylish, the Cairis baby and toddler carrier is a lightweight, easy-to-use and ergonomic Meh Dai with a buckle waist. Featuring our Strata-linea® waistband (patent pending), which provides elegant comfort by preventing digging in at the waist and ‘Flare’ straps; padded shoulder straps that fan out to half-wrap-width, providing cushioning over your shoulders and allowing you to spread the fabric out under your child to increase support.

The Cairis baby and toddler carriers are suitable for front, hip and back carries. They have been safety tested to BS EN 13209-2:2005 & ASTM:F2236-14 and are on the International Hip Dysplasia Institute's list of “hip-healthy” products. A detachable hood is included.


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