OSCHA Rings of Power Glîn Ceo Scarf

OSCHA Rings of Power Glîn Ceo Scarf

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Luxurious Britspun Supima cotton & Tencel offer an unparalleled shimmer & an elegant drape on this stunning black and golden Ceò.

Symbols for the 19 rings of power run along this stunning wrap: each emblem denotes the bearers of the three groups of magical rings, while a flowing border names each of the groups in Elvish.

"Three rings for the Elven-kings" -
Untouched by evil, the Elvish rings are entwined in their flowing symbol.
"Seven for the Dwarf-lords" -
The name of each chieftain bearer adorns their emblem, grasped by seven arms.
"Nine for Mortal Men" -
Crowns of each King are encircled by their rings and flanked by their swords.

Under each emblem reads - ‘One Ring’ - connecting them all forever.


  • Tencel
  • Supima Cotton

Care instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Hang to dry, cool tumble dry can be used but air drying is recommended. Iron on a cool setting.

Fabric composition: 61% Britspun Supima cotton, 39% Tencel.

Embrace this versatile, year round accessory - light as air and with a silky shimmer, Oscha Ceo's are specially woven to create a year-round accessory.

Sumptuous & versatile, Ceò scarves are completed with an on-trend frayed edge. Drape as a shawl over your evening wear to add easy glamour or layer over everyday outfits as a statement scarf.

Ceò scarves are approx 200cm x 70cm.


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