OSCHA Rohan In The Shadow Tragetuch Größe 6


OSCHA Rohan In The Shadow Tragetuch Größe 6

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This sling has been specially woven on a black Tencel warp and features a thick ecru wetspun linen weft. The result is a sling with a beautiful shimmer with a unique combination of strength and softness; perfect for all ages.

The Tencel adds a lovely drape and is smooth to touch whilst the linen adds strength and breathability making this a great wrap all through the year.

Our tester Mel says, “The texture of the Tencel against the wetspun is like nothing else I�ve ever felt; I kept rubbing the wrap between my fingers to feel the smooth glide of the tencel against the textured wetspun. I�ve had other wetspun wraps before, and while I�ve liked them, I think this is an especially winning combination.”

  • Shimmery

  • Perfect for all ages
  • Good balance of grip/glide
  • Lovely drape
  • Supportive



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