OSCHA Rohan Rauros Tragetuch Größe 6


OSCHA Rohan Rauros Tragetuch Größe 6

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Woven with light silvery grey weft on a fade which runs from green teal through to navy blue, this Rohan wrap is a stunning addition to our Middle Earth Collection.

The rich heritage of the Riders of the Mark has inspired this classic Middle-Earth pattern. Reminiscent of the tapestries of the Golden Hall of Meduseld, our Rohan pattern features intricate Celtic knotwork and, of course, the icon synonymous with the people of Rohan: the horse.

An organic combed cotton warp adds grip and a little cush to this shimmery soft Tencel weft. This wrap is strong and supportive, making it perfect for little ones through to toddlerhood when using multilayer carries.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Hang to dry, cool tumble dry can be used but air drying is recommended. Iron on a cool setting.

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 46% organic combed cotton, 54% Tencel, 68cm wide.

FABRIC WEIGHT: 280gsm approx

  • Hint of cush

  • Strong
  • Shimmery
  • Good balance of grip/glide
  • Easy care



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