Angel wings "Hoodie" in chocolate brown % SALE %

Angel wings "Hoodie" in chocolate brown % SALE %

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The sweatshirts are made of cotton fleece with fine hairs inside. Therefore they are warm and very pleasant to touch.
The bottom edge, sleeves and the collar are made of flexible rib that keeps its shape but still is flexible (don´t worry if it is too tight around your hips – it slackens with wearing).
There are thumb holes at the end of the sleeves.
Kangaroo pocket conceals enough space for essentials.

Schwangerschaftseinsatz muss seperat erworben werden!

The package includes an insert for extension when babywearing on your front or back, neck cover (new – a panel that is fastened around your neck to invisible zippers) and a hood for securing the head of a sleeping child.

Adult hood can be buttoned up with snap fasteners to the collar so it doesn´t obstruct baby worn on your back.


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