Voksi Baby Nest Premium

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A cozy and comfortable place for your baby. The NEW Voksi ® Baby Nest Premium Flying... mehr
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A cozy and comfortable place for your baby.

  • The NEW Voksi® Baby Nest Premium Flying comes with a breathable 3D Mesh mattress for great airflow for the baby.
  • All materials certified according to STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® Class I
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Grows with the child
  • Firm but soft mattress gives extra support and a high ergonomic comfort
  • Soft but solid outer ring positions and protects the child
  • Easy to take along thanks to the practical travelling bag that the Baby Nest Premium comes in
  • Extensive testing, i.a. regarding air flow, and thorough risk assessment for the highest safety
  • To prevent the risk of choking, there are no loose strings or cords

During the creation of the novel Voksi® Baby Nest Premium, the focus was placed on developing a cosy and safe environment for babies in modern families. As a result, the egg-shaped Voksi® Baby Nest Premium imitates the feeling of being in the mother’s womb and gives your baby a feeling of protection, warmth and being nestled down. Having your baby always lie in the Baby Nest Premium while visiting family and friends or going on vacation allows your child to feel comfortable in the familiar environment and makes attended sleeping, lounging and playtime so much easier.

baby nest premium voksi

Unique combination of materials

All product parts of the Voksi® Baby Nest Premium are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1, which ensures that the baby is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances or harmful chemicals. The firm but soft mattress provides great comfort to your baby while supporting the neck and back. The surface made from 100% cotton further gives a soft feeling to your child.

Product features for an easy everyday life

While featuring high-quality materials, the Voksi® Baby Nest Premium is also designed to grow with your child. By being able to open the leather belt and fold out the extension part, you can provide your child with even more space. The practical travelling bag, which the Voksi® Baby Nest Premium comes in, makes it easy to bring the Voksi® Baby Nest Premium with you on any of your travels. To provide your child with the highest safety possible, the Voksi® Baby Nest Premium has been tested against manifold standards and has undergone several risk assessments, e.g. by SGS France.

Technical information

  • Measurements, outside diameter: L: 91 cm, W: 53 cm (when opened), L: 81 cm, W: 53 cm (when closed)
  • Measurements, inside diameter: L: 71 cm, W: 30 cm (when opened), L: 59 cm, W: 30 cm (when closed)
  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton
  • Inner fabric: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Mattress: 2017-2019: 100% polyester, 2020 – : 3D Mesh, 100% polyester
  • Washing instructions: Panel filling: Wash at 60°C, dry tumble at low temperature, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean; Cover: Wash at 40°C gentle cycle or hand wash at 60°C, do not dry tumble, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean; Mattress: Hand wash at 60°C, do not dry tumble, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean
  • Usage age: approx. 0-7 months

baby nest premium

baby nest premium


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