Voksi Move Fußsack mit Naturmaterialien für Babyschalen

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The perfect first stroller bag The Voksi® Move fits most baby car seats and strollers. Smart... mehr
Produktinformationen "Voksi Move Fußsack mit Naturmaterialien für Babyschalen"

The perfect first stroller bag

The Voksi® Move fits most baby car seats and strollers. Smart openings in the back make the stroller bag easy to adjust based on your infant carrier.

  • All materials certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1
  • Back openings & pre-cut holes for safely fitting the child car seat or stroller harness
  • Central-placed zipper allows for quick ventilation
  • Temperature-regulating wool filling in bottom, lightweight and  cosy down/feathers filling in top
  • Easy adjustment of head opening around the baby’s head

Product information

  • Shell: 100% Nylon
  • Lining: 100% Cotton
  • Fill top part: 70% Down, 30% Feathers, certified acc. to Responsible Down Standard (RDS)
  • Fill back: 100% Wool, certified acc. to Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)
  • Season: Mild winter
  • Outer measurements: Length 90 cm
  • Water-repellent / Waterproof: Yes / No
  • Windproof / Breathable: Yes / Yes
  • Universal adaption: 5-point harness
  • Washing instructions: Wash at 40oC wool program, use wool detergent, do not bleach, tumble dry at low heat with dryer balls until completely dry
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1: Yes
  • BIONIC-FINISH® ECO: Yes, fluorine-free water repellent textile finishing for ultimate performance
  • Usage age: approx. 0-12 months

When developing the Voksi® Move, our goal was to provide frequently travelling parents with a solution that keeps their child comfortable and warm in the baby car seat, while not restricting your child’s safety in its car seat. By featuring back openings and pre-cut holes in different heights for the internal harness, the Voksi® Move enables you to place the car seat’s internal harness in its correct position without adding a thick extra layer between your child and the harness. Additionally, by being close to the body, Voksi® Move is the perfect first stroller bag to protect your small and fragile baby during the cold months their first year of life.

Voksi® Move has been crash tested, and has been approved for usage in BeSafe infant seats.

Safety and comfort have been our main focus when developing our newborn sleeping bag. Voksi® Move is an insulating and temperature-regulating sleeping bag for your baby when on the move in a car seat or pram. The special qualities of the wool in the back ensure the baby keeps a dry and comfortable temperature by leading moisture away from the baby’s body. The natural materials and combination of down and feathers surrounding the baby give a great insulation. Voksi® Move can be used from newborn until 1,5 years. The drawstring function around the head area can be adjusted to fit the baby’s needs and preferences. The front opening can easily be teared open and gives the baby an airy and comfortable position to explore the world when sitting. The storm flap protects your baby against wind.



A special developed back with harness openings ensure easy adjustments and is fitted to all types of harness. When used in the car seat Voksi® Move replaces thick outerwear and enable the harness to sit safe and close to the child’s body. Voksi® Move has been crash-tested in combination with BeSafe car seats. Recommended to be used in car seats in a rear facing position. All materials in Voksi® Move are securely tested and certified according to Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1 which ensures that your baby is surrounded by materials that are free of hazardous substances and harmful chemicals.




Unique combination of materials

To provide your child with warmth and the highest comfort, the material combination of wool, down, feathers and soft cotton keeps your child warm during cold days. The wool filling in the bottom part has the unique ability to transport moisture away from the baby’s body while keeping a stable and comfortable temperature. The down/feather-filled top part creates a cosy, warm and lightweight protection for your child.

Focus on functionality

Not only is it made of high-quality materials, the Voksi® Move also features an easy way of zipping the footmuff open, so that you can quickly adjust the Voksi® Move to the temperature conditions and your child’s preferences. The openings on the backside make fitting the car seat’s or stroller’s internal harness easy and pre-cut holes in different heights allow you to use the Voksi® Move during the whole usage period of your child car seat. A pacifier holder badge near the head opening helps you to always keep your child’s pacifier in reach by attaching a pacifier holder to it.

All materials of the Voksi® Move are certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1. Oeko-Tex is an independent testing and certification system for textiles, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. By choosing a product made of Oeko-Tex certified materials, you as a parent can be sure that your baby is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances or harmful chemicals.

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