Angel Wings Sweatshirt Emerald Green

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The sweatshirt is suitable for carrying your baby at the front as well as at your back and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Angel Wings Sweatshirt Emerald Green"

The sweatshirt is suitable for carrying your baby at the front as well as at your back and thanks to the possibility of purchasing a maternity insert it is perfect for the last months of pregnancy when the expectant mothers cannot fit their growing bellies under a classic jacket anymore.

However, it can be easily and elegantly used without the inserts while you do not carry your baby and nobody will ever notice that it was originally a piece of clothes designed for carrying children.

Comfort is not just your home. But your clothes too.
The sweatshirt is made from a nice lightweight fabric.
*Thanks to the effective pull off the collar, the sweatshirt is really irresistible design piece.
*Zip is decorated with Angel Wings logo in contrasting color.
*The sweatshirt has spacious pockets in the side conceals enough space for essentials.
*There are thumb holes at the end of the sleeves.
*On the back, you can find the Angel Wings leather logo.
*The bottom hem of the sweatshirt can also be pulled off by the cords.
* Sweatshirt spring pleasantly, so it adapts to every figure

The package includes an insert for extension when babywearing on your front or back, neck cover (new – a panel that is fastened around your neck to invisible zippers) and a hood for securing the head of a sleeping child.

Cotton 95%, Spandex 5%

It keeps its shape very well it is very flexible. Even after many washings it keeps colour and shape.

Even though it is thin it will keep u warm.

Washing up to30 °C
– Wash inside out to keep the colour nice, spin at lower speed.
– Ironing up to 110 ° C.
– Can be dried in a dryer at a lower temperature.
– Do not bleach do not dry clean.

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