ISARA Quick Full Buckle V2 Graphite Linen

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ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier offers you everything you need in an adjustable baby... mehr
Produktinformationen "ISARA Quick Full Buckle V2 Graphite Linen"

ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier offers you everything you need in an adjustable baby carrier, in the simplest, most compact form.

At its core, ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier is a statement of SIMPLICITY. Everything makes sense. As simple as that. No complicated procedures. A few seconds is all it takes to be ready, nothing more - buckled up in 2 clicks. It's quicker than Quick.

Buckling ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier feels like there’s a babywearing mentor encrypted in a baby carrier, guiding parents on their way to buckle up their babies close to their hearts.

The compact design and the #patentpending features evens the baby weight easily, for a comfortable journey. The natural curves and shapes looked for in a correct baby position are easily attained, quicker than ever!

☑ Using the #patentpending 2 în 1 QUICK adjustment system already presented in ISARA Quick Half Buckle, ISARA Quick Full Buckle shows the wearer the way of mastering each phase of the baby’s development, making the perfect adjustments easier and quicker.
☑ The shoulder straps are equipped with "follow me through" webbing just to make sure it never gets twisted at the wearer’s back.
☑ The shoulder straps are also new and innovative, they get connected one to another at the level of the wearer’s waist, under the child’s bottom. They are broad and padded for more comfort.
☑ Crossed or parallel straps, in a front, back or hip carry, buckled under the baby’s bottom - this is as compact as it gets, as simple as it can be.
☑ Additional padding around leg opening for child's comfort.
☑ The 2-in-1 detachable and adjustable hood can be rolled as a neck support for infants and it also offers protection against any weather conditions.

ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier is made to comfortably wear babies from 50 cm up to 98 cm.

Product: Adjustable baby carriers
Size: One size
Size of the child: Min. 50 cm - Max. 98 cm
Body panel width (seat length): Min. 16 cm - Max. 42 cm
Body panel height: Min. 30 cm - Max. 45 cm

ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier was made to comfortably wear your baby up to reaching toddlerhood, body size between 50 cm and 98 cm long (19.7 inches and 38.6 inches).

The one-size design is the latest innovation in terms of adjustment and it is equipped with the 2 in 1 QUICK Adjustment System, ALL adjustments being made IN ONE SINGLE STEP, IN ONE SINGLE PLACE, on the waist belt.

The 2-in-1 QUICK adjustment system offers micro-precise adjustment of the height and width of the panel, with easy-to-use velcro closures, in just one single place. The waist belt of the carrier has a built-in velcro strip with three adjustable settings, each of them assigned with different border colors, for ease of reference. These 3 settings serve as a guideline for adjusting the height and width of the baby carrier and it allows you to perform micro-precise adjustments, depending on your baby’s current size. Each suggestive setting can be attached to both velcro strips, situated on the carrier’s back panel.

The length and the height adjust simultaneously, with its #patentpending 2 în 1 Quick Adjustment System.

Begin by laying down the carrier, straight up, with the panel and the waistband positioned backward, as shown below. Continue by attaching the velcro strips located on the back panel to the velcro located on the waist belt, according to the baby’s size. QUICK wearing is so simple!



* Make sure your baby’s bottom is seated deeply in the panel and not on the carrier’s waist belt.

**Never place the velcro in a V-shape direction. This will not ensure a correct ergonomic position for your baby.

It is made of high-quality materials, from buckles, straps, webbings to Velcro, recognized even in the automobile industry for resistance and endurance.

Just as the fabrics are organic and without color fixations or antistatic additives, it is recommended to only spot wash when necessary to increase the life of your carrier and maintain the fabric's properties.

In case of stains on the fabric, clean with a soft cloth dipped in soap and warm water and let it dry.
Washing the carrier before using is not necessary as it has been already prewashed professionally. If you prefer washing it, water rinsing by hand is enough.
Use the washing machine only when necessary. Please make sure you use a mild detergent and a delicate cycle, at no more than 30 degrees celsius. Do not tumble dry! Do not use fabric softener! Do not expose in direct sunlight after washing! Please ensure all buckles are fastened before washing!

-ISARA offers 2 years warranty.
-ISARA complies with European standards CEN/TR 16512:2015.
-The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges ISARA as “hip-healthy” products.

Farbe: Grau
Stufenlos an Größe des Babys anpassbar: Ja
Hüftgurt anpassbar: Ja
Kopfstütze vorhanden: Ja
Tragetyp: Fullbuckle
Trageposition: Bauch, Rücken, Seite
Alter Kind: 0 - 2+ Jahre
waschbar: bis 30°C
Größe Trage: Größe 50/56 - 98
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