Yaro Flex Half Buckle Shoulder Straps Black

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Produktinformationen "Yaro Flex Half Buckle Shoulder Straps Black"

Half Buckle shoulder straps, one size fits all, suitable for the following options:

- half buckle Yaro Flex Carrier from newborn to toddler

- front, back and side carrying


Follow these steps to order your Yaro Flex modular carrier:

1. Order Hip Belt - one size for all.
2. Choose either Half Buckle shoulder straps or (and) Full Buckle shoulder straps. Full buckle shoulder straps come in sizes S, M, L.
3. Choose Baby or (and) Toddler back panel. 

Different sizes of back panels:

Baby panel:

- dimensions: width - 39 cm (15,4"), height - 47 cm (18,5")

- for children between 7 lbs and 33 lbs (3.2 kg and 15 kg)

- for body length up to 85 cm

Toddler panel:

- dimensions: width - 48 cm (18,9"), height - 53 cm (20,9")

- for children between 18 lbs and 45 lbs (8 kg and 20 kg)

- for body length of 80+ cm


Sizes of the Full Buckle shoulder straps:

- full buckle straps in size S, M, L

  • size S – adult cloth size XS-S and under 165 cm tall

  • size S – can be used for high back carry by wearers of all sizes

  • size M – adult cloth size M, 165-185 cm tall

  • size L – adult cloth size L and up, 180+ cm tall


Measurements of the hip belt (measured inside with soft tape):

- shortest stand - 60 cm (23,62")

- longest stand  - 123 cm (48,42")

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