Angel Wings Cardigan Petrol

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A new cardigan , let’s say not a purely babywearing sort (but you can put it around your... mehr
Produktinformationen "Angel Wings Cardigan Petrol"

A new cardigan, let’s say not a purely babywearing sort (but you can put it around your little one as well). The cardigan is made from new fabric: soft, structured and interesting knit.
You will appreciate it as it is a light and comfy wrap with an original button. This modern and distinctive cardigan is a real favourite for all occasions and weather conditions.
Length of this stylish cardigan is just perfect, it looks beautiful with jeans, skirt or leggins. It magically covers all imperfections and will flatter you.

To go with your cardigan you can also order a cap in the same style.

Advice: New fabric is soft and delicate. As it is a knit we recommend you to handle it carefully, especially in case of snagging it with sharp objects such as jewellery or ordinary velcro.
Maintenance: wash in a washing machine at 30°, wash inside out, tumble at low speed to make the sweater or cardigan last in a beautiful shape, do not tumble dry.

Producer: Angel wings
Material - 95% polyester 5% spandex

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