Little Frog Tragetuch Indigo Dust Größe 6 (4,60 Meter)

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type: woven wrap size: 6 (4,6m x 0,7m) 100% Made in Poland colors:  black,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Little Frog Tragetuch Indigo Dust Größe 6 (4,60 Meter)"
  • type: woven wrap
  • size: 6 (4,6m x 0,7m)
  • 100% Made in Poland
  • colors: black, indigo
  • weight: 250-260 g/m2 (after washing)
  • weave: jacquard
  • composition: 100% combed cotton
  • quality certificates: Little Frog wraps are produced in accordance with EU norm EN 13209-2:2015, strength and quality of Little Frog baby wraps was tested by a certified laboratory in accordance with norm PN-EN ISO 13934. This wrap is certified to Standard 100 by OEKO TEX (1st Class)
  • accessories: instruction booklet (English) that shows four ways of tying (kangaroo, double X, backpack, FWCC)

NOTE: there is an expected max 5% shrinkage after 1st or 2nd washing (which is part of the natural process) - that's why our wraps are made 5% longer (e.g. wrap in size 4.6m is originally 4.85m)

Who we are?

We are small, family company located in Wroclaw, Poland, making wraps and slings since 2012. We are parents too, and we have experienced usability and profits of using wraps/slings in our day-to-day life. We cooperate only with located in Poland weaves, and sew them at our workshop.We are proud, that our products are appreciated all around the world (until now - we have shipped them to almost 80 countries all around the world).

Tragetyp: Tragetuch
Trageposition: Bauch, Rücken, Seite
Alter Kind: ab 0
Größe Trage: Größe 6 (4,6m)
Farbe: blau, schwarz
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